First you have to bring the device into the developer mode. Please note that all data will be deleted and the device is placed in the factory settings. To get into developer mode, press these buttons simultaneously:

The Esc and Refresh key and then tab the power key.

Now the device will reboot a...

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If you have a problem with the trackpad, you can use this in the terminal :

xinput --set-prop 8 "Synaptics Finger" 8 10 70 # set trackpad for chrome os

Now the trackpad works fine

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How To Use Windows Task Scheduler To Update Your DynDNS Domain

  1. Create a little PowerShell Script as follows

    $Hostname = ""
    $User     = "YourMyOnlinePortalUsername"
    $Pass     = "YourMyOnlinePortalPassword"
    Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "

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Oracle buys Dyn to extend his own Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service portfolio. Dyn was formally know as one of the largest dynamic DNS provider and was a victim of a huge DDoS attack in October 2016.

See the press release of Oracle for more details -

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We will start our blog. Just to inform you about news around MyOnlinePortal or something relevant.

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