Install Google PlayStore on a Acer Chromebook 14 cb3-431

23 Aug 2017

First you have to bring the device into the developer mode. Please note that all data will be deleted and the device is placed in the factory settings. To get into developer mode, press these buttons simultaneously:

The Esc and Refresh key and then tab the power key.

Now the device will reboot and the display shows:

"Chrome OS is missing or damaged”

Now press Ctrl+D and then the display shows :

"OS verification is OFF"

Please press Ctrl+D again and the Chromebook will boot into the developer mode. At the first time, it takes a time to boot. Please note, every time the chromebook starts, it will ask you :

"OS verification is OFF"

You must always press ctrl + D then. Otherwise it will start in normal mode and it will reset itself into factory defaults and all data will be cleared again.

Install the google playstore. You need to check if the latest version of chromeOS is installed. This version is required:

Version 55.0.2883.87 (64 Bit) with ARC Version 3554338

Open a shell with this key combination: CTRL + ALT + T now type


We need root and a few commands

sudo su
echo "--arc-availability=officially-supported" > /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf;
mount -o bind /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf /etc/chrome_dev.conf

Now you have to log out and log in again. Do not restart the device. In the taskbar below is now shown the playstore symbol.

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