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DynDNS HowTo FritzBox

  • After the login to the FritzBox web-interface klick on Internet -> Remote Access -> Dynamic DNS
  • Set the tick for "Use Dynamic DNS"
  • Choose as Dynamic DNS Provider "custom"
  • Choose as the Update-URL following entry:
  • As Domainname set your MyOnlinePortal Hostname
  • As Username and Password choose your MyOnlinePortal username and password
  • On some FritzBox Version the update didn't work as expected, please use following update url instead and replace <DOMAIN> with your complete Domain. <ipaddr> will be replaced automaticly by the FritzBox.<DOMAIN>&ip=<ipaddr>
Parallel update with IPv4 and IPv6
  • If you have a DS-Lite Access with a native IPv4 and IPv6 address and you wish to update both at the same time with one request, then please use following Update-URL. The FritzBox replace automaticly <ipaddr> with the IPv4 and <ip6addr> with the IPv6 IP address.<DOMAIN>&ip=<ipaddr>&ip6=<ip6addr>
If you don't see the Dynamic DNS Settings
  • You can change the view in the bottom area to extended.

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