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DynDNS HowTo inadyn

  • inadyn is an open source dyndns update tool and is available for all major operating systems like Linux and Windows. Alternatively, you can also find all the information on the inadyn homepage.
  • After installation you can find the configuration file in /etc/inadyn.conf .
  • Below you can find an example configuration so that you can use the DynDNS Service with inadyn.
  • You can also perform an update directly from the command line.
    inadyn -u your username -p your password -a your domain 
           --dyndns_server_name --dyndns_server_url /updateddns? 
           --iterations 1 --ip_server_name /checkip
example Configuration You have to adjust the settings, only the rows with "Your user name", "your password" and "your domain" according to yours.
The "ip_server_name" option is used to determine the IP. MyOnlinePortal offers an IP Check service.

# Configuration file for inadyn
# /etc/inadyn.conf
username your username 
password your password 
alias your domain
dyndns_server_url /updateddns? 
ip_server_name /checkip
update_period_sec 600

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