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DynDNS HowTo Synology

    To use myonlineportal dynamic dns service on your synology nas your have to prepare something first.
  • connect your synology via ssh or telnet - on Windows you can use putty , on Linux and Mac just open the terminal
  • you have to add the following 3 lines at the end of /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf
  • you can do this with your favorite terminal editor, like vi or just execute following sentence in one line
      echo -e "[myonlineportal]\n\tmodulepath=DynDNS\n\
      updateddns?hostname=__HOSTNAME__&myip=__MYIP__\n" >> /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf                    
    synology bash

  • with tail you can watch the last lines of the file and verify that your changes are persistent

  • If this is done, serve with your browser to the administration view of your synology
  • Open the Control Panel -> External Access -> DDNS
  • Add a new entry synology ddns
  • choose myonlineportal from the Service provider list
  • enter your myonlineportal hostname, username and password - that's it synology settings

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