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DynDNS Your ISP keeps changing the IP address from you. With DynDNS you can bind this IP to a firm and easy to remember web address. Now you can reach your home router and other network devices like NAS from the outside.
For Example: In the lunch break you will have the possibility to be seen how the solar system works on the roof or you can help your father in law via screen sharing like VNC or you can monitor your home with a network camera. The possibilities are many and varied.
DynDNS is free with an account at myonlineportal. It's easy to register and get your domain. After this make the settings on the router.

We have some howtos prepared so you do not have as hard at home. If you use a different router or other software, which are not listed below, you can send us an Email on service(at) and we will try to integrate these as soon as possible. -> HowTo's
Proxyserver (surf anonymously) If you want to web surf anonymously you need a proxy server. You can adjust it in the web browser. Every time you surf the Internet, your web browser submits information to the operator of the page you are viewing. ( A few of them can be disguised by making use of a proxy.
The Proxy server is a computer which receives requests from you and forwards them to other websites. He can increase security through the use of access control mechanisms. If the proxy works transparently, it will disguise your identity.
Another advantage is that you can use the proxy for live streams that are not allowed in your country. For instance, it is possible that you can watch blocked youtube videos. In such cases, you can then use a proxy which in the country is. Now you can also see this content. For more information on the use and properties of proxy servers can be found on wikipedia.

DNS Tunnel mit iodine/Kostenlose Wlan-Hotspots Wer hat nicht schon mal z.B. im Hotel mit seinem Laptop oder Handy einen WLAN-HotSpot gefunden, bei dem man sich anmelden melden oder gar bezahlen muss. In Deutschland betreibt die Deutsche Telekom die meisten kostenpflichtigen Wlan Hot-Spots. Wäre es nicht toll diese Hotspots nutzen zu können, um z.B. Emails abzurufen oder sich mit seinem Messenger Verbinden zu können ?
Mit Iodine gibt es ein Tool, welches genau dies ermöglichen kann.

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