PortMapper FAQ
Which protocols are supported?
Currently just tcp is supported.

How long does it take until the port mapping will be activated?
After at least 1 minute the port mapping should be active

CheckIP Script
If you need an easy way to detect your public ip address, we have a solution.
We provide several url's to detect your public ip.
myonlineportal.net/checkip This one will always show you your ip your are currently using, can be IPv4 or IPv6.
ipv4.myonlineportal.net/checkip This one will only use IPv4. If you are behind a Carrier Grade Nat this can be not your public IP.
ipv6.myonlineportal.net/checkip This one will only use IPv6 if available. Otherwise you will not reach this url.

Lets Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificates with acme-challenge
If you enable wildcard for your domain, you will also see a textfield for entries for _acme-challenge txt records. These records can be set during the certbot creation or renewal of the certificate.
More details are available here -> Lets Encrypt DNS-01 challenge
DynDNS HowTo's

Fritz!Box (Router)
OpenWrt (Router)
ddclient (Linux, Mac)
inadyn (Linux, Mac)
DynDNS Service (Windows)